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GD Quality

GD’s proprietary algorithms take quality control to another level

A laboratory is all about Accuracy of Reports. While NABL and other Accreditations help meet the objective, but GD’s obsession about Quality is fulfilled by it’s home grown technology called UTICA.

Beans outliers

Weeds out any absurd finding in a sample by doing multiple correlations and analysis based on a huge volume of historic data.

Markers Library

With every new sample GD’s library of bio-markers gets enriched. Helps reduce sound caused by treatment(s) interfering with biological fluids. Leads to a more accurate analysis of subsequent samples.

Clinical correlation

Clinical information, both qualitative and quantitative are factored in the algorithms, to ensure even more actionable reports for the treating physician.

GD’s proprietary Laboratory Information Management System

Widespread de-centralized operations and multiple departments are all managed under a single platform. The expansion is therefore fast, controls are stronger, flexibility is there and above all the franchise partners and client hospitals are satisfied.

Batch optimizations

Old age rules don’t apply at GD. The algorithms optimize the batches wrt sizing, aliquoting, and time-to-process thereby minimizing wait time and consumable wastage. The result is reduced TAT and costs.

Customization for Franchise Partners

GD is driven by customer's needs. Franchise partners have it to them to get customized reports, wellness packages, marketing collateral and event the schedule/ frequency of logistics for getting samples picked.


At GD there is a continual efforts towards reducing error prone, repetitive tasks. GD-LIS integrates all equipment and software based analytics therefore building a foundation for high speed growth with no dependency on external solution providers.

Management information systems

GD’s has unique needs on MIS systems and GD-LIS delivers the perfect solution thereby helping decision making and keep a tight control on a widespread multicenter operations framework.

Accreditations from the prestigious institutions

Prestigious institutions after rigorous assessment have given a formal recognition to GD’s technical competence in conducting a wide range of diagnostics tests. The accreditations have been continually held for over a decade by GD.

NABL, India

National Accreditation Board of Laboratories, Quality council of India.

CDC, Atlanta, USA

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

ERNDIM, United Kingdom

European Research Network for evaluation and improvement of screening, Diagnosis and treatment of Inherited disorders of Metabolism


College of American Pathologists

PMF, Taiwan

Preventive Medicine Foundation

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