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Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

Vitamin  E  helps  in  the  maintenance  of biomembranes  of  vascular  and  nervous systems  &  has  anti-oxidant  properties. This  assay  is  useful  for  evaluating individuals  with  motor  and  sensory neuropathies.  It  is  also  useful  for monitoring  vitamin  E  status  of  premature  infants  requiring  oxygenation.  It  is a  useful  test  in  persons  with  intestinal malabsorption  of  lipids.
₹ 3,750.00


Widal  test  is  used  to  diagnose  Typhoid and  Paratyphoid  fevers.  A  4  fold  rise  in titer  is  diagnostic  of  infection.
₹ 300.00

Y chromosome microdeletion (20 mutations) by PCR method

Y chromosome microdeletion (YCM) is a family of genetic disorder caused by missing gene(s) in the Y chromosome. YCM is known to be present in a significant number of men with reduced fertility. In men with reduced sperm production some form of YCM has been detected and varies from oligozoospermia, significant lack of sperm, or azoospermia, complete lack of sperm.
₹ 8,500.00


Zinc  is  an  essential  element  which  acts as  a  critical  co-factor  in  various  enzyme systems  and  is  required  for  active wound healing. Zinc deficiency occurs due  to  lack  of  dietary  absorption  or loss  after  absorption.  Zinc  excess  is  not a  major  clinical  concern.This  assay helps to detect zinc deficiency. Elevated serum zinc is of minimal clinical interest.
₹ 2,000.00